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When Heaven Turns To Black, And Hell to White, Right To Wrong, And Wrong So Right

pretty average, thanks for asking though. thats pretty awesome. 


They say by the time you finish high school you’ve already met your future spouse.. I don’t know what the stats look like there, but if its true I’m really wondering who the hell it could be.


I’m definitely one to put myself out there. I don’t usually hide my feelings and I feel like, because I am the way I am, this makes me kind of fall for someone easier. My feelings have grown deep for a few people over the past four or five years and I was always the one to be putting myself out there 100%. I always felt vulnerable in that sense but I’m happy to know that I can love so intensely. When it comes to loving so much that it hurts, you’re asking the right person.. I promise you that no matter how much it hurts right now, and how much worse its going to hurt if you end things, you’re eventually going to move passed it. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes you’ll look back and it might sting a little bit all over again but you’re going to grow. you’re going to learn about the things you need to avoid when it comes to finding someone. If you really love this girl I say work at it but if you need to leave, or if she ends up leaving, don’t be afraid to accept the fact that you’re hurt. Just go cry and listen to sad music until you’re sick of feeling that way. you’re going to feel motivated to do things again, and once you find happiness in other things you’re going to love YOURSELF more and then its just impossible to love so much it hurts. This is kind of how I see things now, I don’t know if it even makes sense to you, I’m sorry if I didn’t help.